Capitec Swapping Mall



This is a recent case study about Capitec’s Swapping Mall, a two day event during National Savings Month 2011 that invited visitors to swap items they no longer wanted instead of hitting the (normal) mall.


Atmosphere (PR), Society (social media) and Hammer (event management), all part of the KingJames group, teamed up with Switch Design to make it happen. The event was part of an ongoing campaign called Live Free which encourages a healthier approach to spending and debt.


This video reviews the great results of the event.







  1. Hope the swapping mall takes place this year again!

  2. That was a fantastic initiative by Capitec.I really appreciate their participation in new age campaigns especially being a bank. Good work to the team who put the campaign together and awesome to the bank that capitalizes through real marketing and real innovation.

  3. Bring this to Cape Town!

  4. Such an awesome idea and campaign. Such a shit awards board (video) ruins the whole thing.

  5. totally agree with lauren. nice idea but if that awards video doesnt put you to sleep it sure will leave you confused.