Got a question for Mario Pricken?



If you work in advertising or went to ad school after 2001, you most definitely would’ve come across ‘Creative Advertising’. Your work might even be published in it. The book filled with the innovative ad campaigns that you wish you’d thought of has sold 130,000 copies in six languages world wide. The author, Mario Pricken, will be visiting Cape Town for the first time in August to host open Creative Technique training courses.


For more than eleven years Mario Pricken has inspired the marketing departments of international companies, renowned agencies, design firms, tv stations and brands such as ebay, Nike and Red Bull, as an innovation director and consultant. He and his team are among the most sought-after experts for innovation processes, effective idea management or new creativity techniques.


Besides ‘Creative Advertising’, Mario is also the author of “Visual Creativity”, “Creative Strategies” and “Clou – Strategic Idea Management in Marketing, Advertising, Media & Design”.


We’ll be picking Mario’s brain next week in a video interview and want to ask him only what you really want to know. Let us know in the comments if there is anything you’d like to ask or discuss or have wondered about, and we’ll pass your questions on.


Find more info on the training courses here.