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Frustrated with the difficulty of finding South African images on stock photo websites, Donna Ashby and team decided to start their own. AgencystockSA is the result, a new, fresh offering of affordable stock images for the local industry.


We caught up with AgencystockSA to find out who they are, how they do what they do and how you can get involved.

Between 10and5:
How did AgencystockSA first come about?

AgencystockSA: AgencyStockSA is the brainchild of Donna Ashby, an Art Buyer who has worked in the industry long enough to know that there had to be a better way to buy and sell stock images. Her vision was to create a game-changing site for the industry that provides local, affordable and real images for the creative community, by the creative community.




Between 10and5: What are some of the frustrations users have with the big name stock photo sites? How is your site different?

AgencystockSA: Stock libraries are a bit like Home Affairs. No one likes going there, but at times you have no choice. They’re big, complicated, expensive and filled with generic, contrived images. And most importantly, you can never find local (South African) content. AgencyStockSA is about South Africa. The people, the places. The stuff we can relate to and want to see. It’s as local as koeksisters and braais. It’s also more affordable and easier to use.


Between 10and5: Please introduce your team:

AgencystockSA: “We” are 5 people. An Art Buyer, Executive Creative Director, Creative Director, MD and Digital codehead, who have a combined experience of over 50yrs or so. So yes, we’ve seen it all.


Between 10and5: How does AgencystockSA work for the buyers?

AgencystockSA: AgencyStockSA revolves around a simple idea:

Firstly, that anyone can find the right local image and buy it at a reasonable “How are they making money from this?” price. Secondly, prices of images are standardized and there are no royalties or usage fees. Once you buy an image, you own it.

Buyers also have the option to buy the image exclusively, which costs a bit more. Simply register as a buyer, search and buy.


Between 10and5: How does it work for the sellers?

AgencystockSA: Everyone has images. Whether it’s a bank of professional work that’s never been sold or pics from your holiday or Sunday’s braai around the pool. Anyone and everyone can turn those images into hard cash. Simply register as a seller and start uploading. The onus is on the seller to obtain artist and property releases and we’ve provided all the forms.


Braai with chops and mielies - De Klerk Badenhorst

Braai with chops and mielies - De Klerk Badenhorst


Between 10and5: How does ownership of the photographs work?

AgencystockSA: Copyright remains vested in the seller until such time as the image is sold.


Between 10and5: You’ve made AgencystockSA open to submissions, why is this?

AgencystockSA: Before going live to Buyers, we need images. So right now, the site is live for anyone to register and start uploading. We’ll go through a filtering process and approve the pics we think are great and meet the criteria.


Between 10and5: What kind of images are you looking for people to send in?

AgencystockSA: Local is lekker. We’re looking for images that capture real, uncontrived South African moments. People, places, sports, animals, landscapes, food. If it’s an “only in South Africa” moment, you’re on the money.


Barber Shop - Mbulelo Manong

Barber Shop - Mbulelo Manong


Between 10and5: Please can you tell us about the live request feed:

AgencystockSA: This is a first for stock sites. The request feed allows buyers to request specific images that they’re battling to find, which then gives the seller community the chance to go out and shoot. It’s a win win solution for buyers and sellers.


Between 10and5: Users will be able to search by photographer’s name, can you please share the thinking behind this?

AgencystockSA: Photographers tend to have a unique style and often specialize in content (eg Kids) that is particularly relevant to certain buyers. It’s just another way of making interaction with the site more user friendly.


Between 10and5: We’re sure agencies can’t wait to use the site, when will they be able to do this?

AgencystockSA: The site is live and sellers can register now and start uploading. We’re already seeing amazing images. The site will go live for Buyers mid June.


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Ostriches at dawn - De Klerk Badenhorst

Ostriches at dawn - De Klerk Badenhorst


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