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Jack Parow ft Francois van Coke ‘Hard Partytjie Hou’ Music Video



This Groundglass production is the first video from Jack Parow’s new album Eksie Ou and was made for the track ‘Hard Partytjie Hou’ featuring Francois van Coke.


The production house said that they wanted to create a look and feel that we haven’t seen from a Jack Parow video before but at the same time needed to keep in line with his party image. Groundglass says, “We had heard about this old club in Cape Town in the 60s and as soon as we started reading about the place and its nightlife¬†and we saw what it looked like, we felt as if Jack Parow had actually revived a long lost underground local scene.”


The casting for the video was done through Jack Parow’s social network channels. The response was overwhelming and the team received emails from all over the country. The extras were given a lot of freedom to play their parts and be comfortable in front of the camera.


Some final words from Groundglass, “As music videos go, the budgets are tight, favours are high and hours are long but the cast, the crew and extras worked well as a team and delivered more than a music video, an experience.”




A Groundglass production
Directed by 187
D.o.P. – George Loxton
Editing and VFX by Carlos Feyder


Graded at Searle Street Post
Finished at The Institute of Amazing Shit


Track produced by Constrkt and Justin de Nobrega


Between 10 and 5