Steri Stumpie 1 Litre Launch



Society and Hammer, both of the King James Group, worked together recently to launch the new 1 Litre Steri Stumpie with a series of probably the most exclusive launch parties ever.


Shipping crates were delivered to unsuspecting bloggers and friends of the brand which were opened to reveal one of three themed launch parties inside. The parties were for one person only and took place right there and then. See Steri Stumpie on Facebook for more.




Creative Director: Dan Pinch
Social media creative: Matt van der Valk
Community manager: Cat Drowley
Event management: Grant Pleming



  1. Wow what was the reach of this one? Three people? Great stuff! Loerie Gold…

  2. Qwaqwa's mother

    Don’t be a hater dear.

  3. Am I wrong?

  4. Qwaqwa's mother

    Yes dear. I’m sure if you calculated a ROI based on the low cost of the activation with the measurable online reach of the individuals that talked about it you’d agree. x

  5. Mother you are still wrong…now make me something to eat!

  6. 343 Youtube views WOW!!!!!

  7. Qwaqwa's mother

    QwaQwa, dearest, you’re starting to disappoint me now. You would need to total up the readership of the blogs that covered it, their reach on twitter, and the reach of steri stumpie’s existing social channels. Measuring the views on an agency video isn’t the same as measuring the campaign. What would you like for supper though love, how about a nice steak?

  8. I want Bitty!