Featured: Andre Pereira

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Designer and Illustrator Andre Pereira has recently launched a new portfolio site showcasing his individual and ever-growing brand of poster art as well as his award-winning work done as part of Pretoria based agency Etiket.


Andre started developing his ‘gig art’ style while in his 3rd year at the Open Window school of design around 5 years ago and it has since been exhibited in all the major cities in South Africa and in a solo exhibition in 2009 at the +27 Design Gallery.


Most of Andre’s design work is music-related as it’s always been a passion for him. He is a founding member of MK award-winning band Andre van der Walt and is currently a member of Pretoria southern rockers Sesling.


Have a look at some of his most recent poster design below and have a browse through his new website at www.andrethebeard.com



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