Woolworths vs Ackermans Winter Boots 2012



This Woolworths TV ad advertising their winter boots for 2012 went live in February. The Ackermans ad below went live this month advertising their winter range of boots with a cheeky ‘get it for less’ soundtrack.


Your thoughts?







  1. saw the Ackermans ad the other night and I immediately thought of the Woolworths one. Its a case of the leaders and the followers…

  2. At least Woolworths didn’t rip off another video [reference to elvis vs junkie XL debacle] this time round.

  3. Lol. When I first saw this ad I thought… Woolies has gone down. Bad rip off.

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..too close for me

  5. @ryno I think the idea is for it to be similar/close to the woolies one ’cause it’s a spoof. right?

  6. @kate: glad Im not the target market cuz that went over my head, thought it was just two average-ish ads that are similar? 🙂

    is it just me or does the typography at the end remind you of woolworths? http://imgur.com/zpIki

  7. i’m pretty sure they’re spoofing the woolworths ad and saying “get the look (as in the woolworths look) for less”. but could just be me…

  8. Agreed Kate

  9. I dunno… It’s too far apart in air date, the shot list isn’t close enough and the track isn’t the same. It’s not close enough for it to be an obvious spoof. It’s just using the reference in a cheaper way…
    Which might be what they were going for, but still, not close enough to a spoof for me.

  10. I’m so glad Woolies is eventually experiencing what it feels like to be ripped off. I think Ackermans did it intentionally. It’s a cheeky move, and good on Ackermans for doing so.

  11. Come on people, stop being so whiny and petty. There are only so many ways to advertise clothing, so there is bound to be crossover. There is also a modern sensibility, which often makes you feel like you’ve seen something before. Every idea is the reinvention of another idea. Why not just congratulate Woolworths for great ad and Ackermans for a great ad.

  12. neither ad is great

  13. So if you use Futura Bold in caps, it’s a Woolworths ad? Wow how naive.

  14. since woolworths CI is Futura all caps, all their layouts and packaging feature typography strongly (in that style)…..most people who saw the ackermans ad thought it was for woolworths until they saw the logo at the end. So yes jeff….The type choice and treatement is what makes woolies branding recognizable. look again http://imgur.com/zpIki

  15. I think this was simply a case of not knowing about the Woolies ad, it happens. Plus, it counts in Ackermans’ favour in my opinion, as I would think higher of Ackermans after viewing this ad because it’s been Wooliefied. There does seem to be a shortage of fonts in fashion retail…

  16. Yes Jeff. It’s not so naive. There are so few retail stores in this country that anything similar is too close. Agree with you 100 Ryno. Unless the whole idea is ‘the look for less’ then it’s a pretty good platform. WW are pretty much the first store to adopt a clean look for every aspect of their brand… so they are able to differentiate on this and ‘own it’ easily… needless to say it’s not so new overseas for like a decade already. Seeing as we are limited here, it’s easy for Ackermans to feel way similar to WW if we are talking about 5 or so stores in the same category.

  17. Who cares! The only thing worse than the ad (in both cases) is the product.

  18. I think both campaigns have legs.

  19. Nice one @Roni

  20. Hmm… smells like questionable ethics on the part of a certain supplier. Again: