#NowPlaying: Andrew Ringrose

Andrew Ringrose


Designer, illustrator and regular Social Contract feature Andrew Ringrose put together this week’s #NowPlaying playlist. The title ‘Do not Disturb’  is a reference to how he feels when he’s designing. His explanation,”It’s a very personal thing between me and my computer. It’s kinda like trying to make a baby, kinda… So here are some tracks that help me get my f*** on.”


And with that, here is the tracklist:


  1. Unluck – James Blake
  2. House Of Balloons – Glass Table Girls
  3. Multiply – Jamie Lidell
  4. Infinite ♡ Without Fulfillment – Grimes
  5. She Makes Me Feel – Mansions on the Moon
  6. 100% – Chromeo
  7. Sunrise – Yeasayer
  8. Nightcall – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
  9. Oops (Tweet Cover) – Theophilus London
  10. Touch Me – Spank Rock


Listen in HERE.


See Andrew’s creative offspring at andrewringrose.com



  1. nice one ringrose. i love that you have 100% on there

  2. Love the album cover. The songs are killer as well.

  3. @10and5 – Even though I have an involuntary muscle twitch to hit the download button, I think it is really ethical that u don’t allow the songs or play list to be downloaded. That is really responsible of you.

  4. The album cover makes me so happy.