Nando’s #Diversity Campaign



A very cool new campaign from Nando’s encourages South Africans to question xenophobia and intolerance. The #Diversity campaign kicks off with this TVC making the point that except for the Khoisan, we were all foreigners once.


The campaign also sees Nando’s teamed up with Cheesekids this winter to create pop up soup kitchens in parts of SA that have been affected by xenophobia.




Volunteer to join their soup kitchens by visiting


Good going Nando’s.




Black River FC


TVC produced by Bouffant

Souperstars video shot by We Are Awesome



  1. Brilliant!

  2. bravo chaps

  3. Black River are becoming absolute experts on picking up incredibly deep political and social insights and creating content that not only challenges them but turns them on their head. This is how content marketing it done folks. Really good.

  4. Oh for chrizakes people. Eating flame grilled chiegen is not going to save the world!

  5. trizol…. it’s soup. If you weren’t too busy trying too hard to be a troll you would’ve watched both videos. Anyway, really nice ad and idea. Not many brands talk politics like Nandos does.

  6. @dylan – Don’t confuse my right to criticism as an attack on you personally. I find that brands tread a fine line when using certain social touch points and themes for leverage. Especially when there is not an obvious connection. I think I am entitled to voice my opinion, that is why there are comments allowed here. I did not insult anyone personally and taking offense exposes so much more about your agenda than you might care to admit.

  7. haha, ok trizol. Thank goodness i have no personal interests in this ad and am in no way connected to it. I just found your comment needed a comment. But thanks for the doctor phil talk. Have a beer and have a great weekend.

  8. I don’t drink. And neither I believe do you. Goodbye.

  9. @Trizol – but there is an “obvious connection” Nandos is diversifying its menu (adding new a different items to it) and wanted to celebrate this. The link then ties in with the diversity of South African culture & celebrating it…. not sure how much more of a connection you require for it to be “obvious”

  10. Ignore Trizol! This ad is amazing!

  11. …Play nice now kids

  12. Any idea which Velocity director directed this?

  13. …just great.

  14. @Ian it was Dean Bloomberg from Bouffant

  15. Huldah van Wyk

    fantasties, en so waar!

  16. Brilliant! Poof.

  17. Dean Bloomberg is churning out winner after winner. Well done Black River. Just great.

  18. spot on and a good laugh. see they are doing more good after Santam kicked their ass just a bit. cleverly done though…another winner.

  19. Nice Idea, Pity about the casting though.