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Roy Potterill

Hashtag | An iPhonography Exhibition by Roy Potterill

Roy Potterill


Hashtag, an iPhonography exhibition by Roy Potterill, is a first of its kind for Johannesburg. The exhibition opens tonight at Exposure Gallery, 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein and features photographs all taken and edited by Roy on his iPhone 4.


About the show:


The hashtag has brought order to parts of social media. It creates definition, it categorises and it allows topics to trend. In the world of Instagram, the hashtag allows its inventor to add further expression to images, classify them, create trends and forge a stable following.


The spheres of Instagram, iPhonography and Hashtags fraternise to create a platform for free creative expression, sharing and collaborating.


About Roy Potterill:


Roy is a Johannesburg based Instagramer whose style of work is distinctive.


His urban portraiture lends new eyes to how the city of Johannesburg is perceived. Roy breaks all conventions of photography and has an incredible talent for capturing both the silence and energy of the city life he sees around him as a part of his daily journey.


His work aims to express the magnificence and wonder of Johannesburg as captured using an iPhone. A wizard in the realms of light and shadow, Roy has shown that the new worlds of Instagram and iPhonography are more than passing fads. They’re here to stay.


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