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Yes Sir! Mister Machine ‘Cold Rush Song’ Music Video



This just in, Cape Town band Yes Sir! Mister Machine‘s music video for their track ‘Cold Rush Song’ directed by Duran Levinson. Although this band has been around for a while, this is their first official music video.


This is what they had to say, “On the 28th of April 2012, a group of creatives came together to make a stand against not only the stagnation of their own tiny underground in a city at the bottom of Africa, but also as a reminder that a little passion can go a long way. This music video documents that experience.”




Directed & Edited by: Duran Levinson
Produced by: Duran Levison, Baden Moir & Team Machine
Cinematography by: Duran & Zenn Van Zyl
Photography by: Luke Daniel
Grading: Stephen Du Plessis


Between 10 and 5