ImageBrief launches in SA



ImageBrief is a Sydney, New York and London based stock image, crowd-sourcing site that most recently opened an office in Cape Town.


The idea is that buyers post a brief for an image request and photographers hand-pick fresh shots from their extensive back catalogues of work to sell. ImageBrief launching in South Africa means that local photographers can join in and sell their photographs globally while local agencies can source very specific photographs from all over the world.


Account Manager for ImageBrief SA, Cindy Laufs says, “The appeal of ImageBrief lies in the quality of the content, because you are not briefing a stock agency but individual photographers around the world – thus you are drawing on the creative intellect of some of the world’s best photographers.”


“The Lost”, the film above, is a call to photographers to seek out hidden gems on their hard drives and use them in response to the growing number of briefs on the ImageBrief website. The video below explains exactly how the site works.


Photographers, head on over to




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