BOS Twitter-activated vending machine



On Friday BOS Ice Tea launched a Twitter-activated sampling machine.


The BevMax 4-45, affectionately known as Bev, is more robot than vending machine and was first introduced to the public at the 2012 Design Indaba. She was initially triggered using tokens and was rigged with speakers and cameras to show her inner workings and interact with delegates at the conference. She has since been tweaked to respond to tweets, delivering a BOS Ice Tea whenever her hashtag is used in a tweet.


The idea was conceptualised by BOS’ digital agency Cow Africa, who worked closely with designers Marc Nicholson and Lyall Sprong from Thingking to bring Bev to life and UK-based social media agency, RAAK, to fully realise the Twitter integration.


Follow @BOS on Twitter, or Like BOS on Facebook to keep up with BEV. She is currently at Wembley Square in Cape Town until Friday 22 June and when you find her she’ll reveal her secret hashtag so you can tweet in exchange for a free BOS Ice Tea.


See her in action:









  1. Meanwhile, 1 week ago, Toyota launched a smile inducing gumball machine, also activated via a tweet. Guessing this is becoming popular.

  2. Here’s a cool youtube vid of the Toyota gumball machine.

  3. “world first”

    but fantastic idea, looks great and wonderful for the brand

  4. only the toyota machine wasn’t giving away toyota’s. Idiots.

  5. Spark of Genius

    Question: What have gumballs got to do with toyota?
    Answer: No idea, but I bet you had a nice budget.

    Question: Is driving actual product trial through a mechanism that provides social media activity worthwhile and noteworthy?
    Answer: Didn’t see any blog posts about gumballs anywhere did you..

  6. Our country needs more of these activations.