Meet The Legendary Riaan Cruywagen


We aren’t quite sure what this for, but I can bet there is a brand behind this somewhere.

Very interesting (and humorous) series of Youtube vids featuring Riaan ‘Cray-Cray’ Cruywagen.

Anyone know what this is about?



  1. I think this is part of the Blackberry Touch of Awesomeness campaign (by Urbian)

  2. Your copywriter let you down

  3. Scott Scott (The other presenter guy)


  4. Sho! This is terrible!
    Did they get a class of St5’s to write that script??

    Kamaan Riaan, we expect better!

  5. “Awesomeness”

    Wow, lame.

  6. wow, Riaan is such an android

  7. Could every scriptwriter and every boet creative team in every agency in this country PLEASE PLEASE get over using ‘awesome’, ‘awesomeness’ or any derivative thereof in their work.
    It isn’t funny. It isn’t ironic. It isn’t post-post-post-ironic. It’s just lazy.
    Seriously guys. This stopped being cool or funny back in 2008.

  8. I think Market Research is a tool from the devil, but if this was one of those then you can tick the ‘epic fail’ box.

  9. Haters gonna hate eh … don’t take yourselves so seriously. It was clearly meant to be a bit lame and funny at the same time. Well done and a thumbs up in my book.