Rock Me Again #5

Rock Me Again #5 | Call For Entries

Rock Me Again #5


Now in its 5th year, Rock Me Again is an annual recycled fashion and design initiative established by Capsule Projects in association with Jameson and vida e caffé.


The initiative was started to harness the creative energy of both established and rising talent in design and photography while creating wider recognition for responsible fashion consumption and giving environmentally friendly design a fashion-forward image in the process.


This year is a little different from the last few kicking off with a competition open to all prototype designers. The task is to design an innovative, good-looking recycling bin that will be stationed in vida e caffé stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg to collect old garments. The old garments collected in the bins will be transformed into contemporary one-of-a-kind fashion items by a select group of fashion designers. The aim of the campaign is to encourage recycling and by so doing reduce the amount of old clothes going to landfills.


The recycled pieces will be modeled, photographed and exhibited in the final stages of the project. Have a look at 2010 and 2011‘s final products.


A total of 7 recycling container designs will be selected and each winning designer will receive a contribution of R1000 towards production cost.


Design Entry Requirements


– Design a functional bin (functional is a key requirement) for indoor use only

– The bin can be round, square, rectangular or any other shape, but it must fit within a space measuring as follows:
1300mm (height) x 500 mm (width) x 450 mm (depth)

– In addition to recycled material, designs can incorporate any materials, although the main criteria is that the end product must be sturdy and not weigh more than 35 kg

– Your design must be cost effective


Judging Criteria


– Functionality. Is the design technically practical? Can the bin comfortably hold up to 50 garments?

– Innovation. Does the design demonstrate creativity? Is it new and different? This could apply to the material used as well as the overall bin design.

– Aesthetics. Has the designer demonstrated a sympathy for the material used and an awareness of form?


Judging Process


The 7 best entries will be selected by a panel of judges comprising members of Capsule Projects, VISI online, vida e caffé and Infidels Creative Representation Agency.

All entries will be submitted for consideration as finalists.  Judges will select 7 designers who will each receive a financial contribution of R1000 towards production cost.


Timings 2012


The bins will be unveiled at a press conference in Cape Town and will also form part of the Rock Me Again exhibition of recycled garments in Cape Town and Johannesburg during the month of August 2012. The winners of the bin design competition will be credited at all stages of the project.


Deadline for entries is 27 June 2012. Send your designs to Trevor Mitchell at


Logo by Ben Johnson


This is last year’s design by Thingking:




Between 10 and 5