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Sharp Sharp


The opening of the Freeworld Design Centre’s new exhibition Street Style will coincide with the launch of photographer Ed Suter’s book Sharp Sharp published by Quivertree.


The exhibition was inspired by the book, which is a full colour exploration of the South African street through Ed’s photographs. The exhibition will showcase local creatives who have put together individual design pods, each giving their interpretation of South African street style.


The featured creatives are:


Mak1one has been involved in graffiti art for over twenty years. He has worked extensively as a mural artist in South Africa and abroad. He has collaborated on mural projects in Greece, Germany, Belgium and the US and has presented two solo exhibitions in Cape Town and Johannesburg. His pod will illustrate graffiti as a powerful medium, showing how it can be used in positive or inspirational ways across different spaces – from the streets through to galleries.


Asanda Sizani is the fashion editor of ELLE South Africa. Previously the fashion editor of Drum she was also a judge for the 2011 Miss South Africa pageant. Her pod is inspired by an urban modern woman who loves fashion, supports South African brands and makes a statement wherever she goes. Time has been taken to think about who she is, where she resides and what’s important to her. The elements of the pod, though minimal, will capture the essence of who this woman is.


Jade de Waal is a 21-year-old year music student with a passion for feeding people. She is a food stylist and was chosen as one of the top ten contestants in the first season of MasterChef SA. Her pod will play on transport of food in cities. Jade views street food as interwoven with an electric street culture – constantly on the go, mobile and adapting. Street food is usually served in a busy street with millions of scenes happening simultaneously and this will be demonstrated through a variety of media.


Ed Suter has worked as an on-set photographer for the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK. He runs Ed Suter Design, which uses his photographs on a range of homeware products sold internationally. Working with Libby Doyle of Quivertree Publications, their pod is designed to bring the distinctiveness of the South African street as celebrated Sharp Sharp. It is a testimony to the individual contributions to our country’s streets, whether it is through the skill of sign writers, street artists or individuals with bold fashion choices.


Décor consultant at the Design Centre, Kerstin Eser says, “Being completely inspired by the book and its concept we decided to extend the street style theme into our upcoming pod installation, Street Style. Being situated along the Fanwalk, it seems only natural to take inspiration from a book about inner-city street culture and interpret it into an interior setting, We also take pride in celebrating and showcasing the incredibly vibrant local talent that South Africa has to offer.”


The exhibition and book launch will take place on the 26th of June at 18:00 in the Freeworld Design Centre, 71 Waterkant Street, Cape Town, and will run till 10 August.


Images from Ed Suter's Sharp Sharp
Images from Ed Suter's Sharp Sharp
Images from Ed Suter's Sharp Sharp
Images from Ed Suter's Sharp Sharp

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