Update: Elise Wessels

Elise Wessels   Adformatie, a weekly Dutch advertising journal, has a dedicated section called Podium which offers a platform for contributors to create a visual statement, reflection or message directed to the industry.┬áThe brief is open and the artist can choose their own theme or message. The section is curated by Dolly Rogers, an advertising agency based in Amsterdam.   The above illustration by Elise Wessels was selected to be featured in last week’s issue. The piece, called Drawing For Money, is a question from Elise to the creative industry: “Our passion, as artists, is to create beautiful work. But as we lose ourselves in the commercial world, do we lose our integrity too? Are we still creating from passion or driven by other motives?”   Elise is represented by One League and Zulus Can Draw.   This is some more of her most recent work:  
Elise Wessels
For Am I Collective's Illville Hotel
  Custom illustrations for The Letterpress Company:   Elise Wessels Elise Wessels Elise Wessels Elise Wessels Elise Wessels    

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