Snickers Vernacular Radio

New vernacular radio from Snickers.


Snickers Tongue Twister:




Snickers Flirt:




Snickers Andiyazi:






Agency: 140 BBDO
Writers: Manez Sobethwa, Lubabalo Mtati, JP le Riche, Mike Pearson, Ross Nieuwenhuizen
Creative Directors: Mike Pearson, Ross Nieuwenhuizen
Executive Creative Director: Ivan Johnson
Audio Engineer: Ross McDonald
Studio: Hey Papa Legend





  1. These are awesome! Big ups to the writers and all involved.

  2. Igqala!

  3. this is the crappest radio spots to date. weak concept and the production is quite shocking. Vernac for vernac’s sake.

  4. I like tongue twister the best.

  5. Chest Rockwell

    Ezintengiso azinancasa tu. A blantant case of adapting an English concept and try to make work it in vernac. Vernac advertising still gets no respect, I see.

  6. Who cares if it works or if it’s right, foreign awards judges will dig it to the point of jizzing.

  7. emmanuel please do explain what do u mean…. whats weak about the concept????? and the shock in the production???

  8. charlotte Lange

    Woow that was cool hey cant even stop laughing here!!

  9. chest which english/ western concept thats being adapted here, ugqula is it an english concept?????? the clicks born of the xhosa-khoi language are they english???? if u never played the game andiyazi as a kid i wonder which era you come from???? help us and explain what you mean by adapting an english concept in the context of these ads

  10. Your ads are awesome. they’re perfect. they will def. get a vernacular grand prix and everyone will love them. is that what you want to hear? I hope so.

  11. Fluk you. Why no Chinese vernac?
    Some ting wong wit this country.
    I love Sneakers. I got 5 kids making them in shop. They so good with their tiny hands. Such attention to detail. Each finger like chopstick.

  12. Chest Rockwell

    @Novice: Ugqula is macking, spading – call it what you will. Being persistent when hitting on a woman – that’s a uniquely South African thing then?

    And just because the one ad uses the clicks as tongue twisters doesn’t make it anymore African. It’s just a vernac version of a script that might as well have someone trying to say “I saw sea shells on the sea shore”.

    And I have played “andiyazi”. Once again, like the tongue twister, you’ve merely taken a SA ‘black’ thing and put it into an ad. Doesn’t necessarily make for a good ad.

    But hey, to each his own. As a Xhosa speaker, I didn’t find anything that really tapped into a cultural/language insight about them – one that would be uniquely Mzansi and particular to Xhosa language/culture. But that’s probably just me. Are these ads playing on Umhlobo Wenene FM? Or any Xhosa medium station for that matter?

  13. Ok kids I think people are losing perspective and being a bit dickish.
    When it comes to doing vernacs people need to respect the language and culture by treating the consumers just like everyone else. It’s not about having the fekking Lion King soundtrack as the sound design or calling characters Sipo. It’s about expressing a concept (which has already done well) in other ways that are relative to the market i.e. language specific tongue twisters or a certain slapping game.

    Now let’s all hug it out.