Vodacom Super Rugby Super Gees



The seven month long Vodacom Super Rugby tournament requires huge amounts of passion and dedication from both players and fans. This new Vodacom spot, directed by Egg’s Terence Neale for Draftfcb, salutes the supporters with super gees, whose dedication to their team goes above and beyond a jersey and cap on game day.


The track is a Robbie Wessels rework of the 80s classic, “Super Freak”, and the accompanying music video, directed by Juniper at Bioscope Films, will flight on both terrestrial and satellite TV channels for the duration of the tournament.


Music video:






CCO: Brett Morris

ECD: Mike Barnwell

CD: Gareth Paul

CW: Ian Metcalfe

AD: Brendon Barnard

Producers: Noeleen Burley, Rozanne Rocha-Grey

Director: Terence Neale

Production company: Egg films







  1. That’s cool.
    would’ve been kiff to have a bigger ending. okes going mad ftb.

  2. Very cool. Totally agree though – the end lets it down.

  3. Halarious! Love the song! Kudos to all involved, whoever you may be.

  4. That is fucking hilarious. The Lion dude is the shit.

  5. Brilliant ad – love it.

  6. Dig it!

  7. Elna van Staden

    Pitty they had to cut out a big peace that we Extras shot on Loftes…

  8. The song is just sooooo bad though.

  9. Very nice, would like the name of the cheeta fan please. The pink horns on the bull, good glamer!