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Listen to RSG’s new Print ads – by The Suits

The radio station, RSG, is currently celebrating their 75th year on air. To commemorate this
momentous achievement, RSG has collaborated with the Cape Town based advertising
agency – The Suits Communications – to create an unique print ad and poster experience.

The print ads celebrate various inspirational, legendary and even magical moments in South
Africa’s history. Moments which have been documented and showcased over the past 75
years on RSG.

What the print adverts do more specifically, is give magazine readers the opportunity to listen
(yes, listen) to key one minute excerpts from radio broadcasts over the past 75 years.
To listen, readers just have to scan the QR-code – uniquely placed in the “speaker” of the
radio on the print ad – with their cell phone.

This gives the reader the chance to experience the exhilaration and thrill of radio. Excerpts
include: the moment when Joel Stransky kicked the winning drop kick against New Zealand
in the 1995 Rugby World Cup final; an excerpt from an inspirational interview conducted with
Chris Barnard shortly after he performed the world’s first ever heart transplant; as well as a
1968 rugby broadcast featuring the talents of rugby legend Frik du Preez.

Below are the links to the historical minutes in RSG’s history, readers of the print ads can
listen to:

1968. Frik du Preez.

1967. Chris Barnard.

1995. Joel Stransky.

Between 10 and 5