Chevrolet #UTEFORCE: Project Lulama



We love a story of a big brand doing good. This new initiative from Chevrolet South Africa, known as UTE-Force, sees a fleet of Chevrolet Utility bakkies, ‘the little bakkie that can’, on a country wide mission to complete projects that will help out South African communities. We’ll be covering the UTE-Force team’s good work over 8 missions.


One of these tasks was to build a 300m squared vegetable garden for Lulama Primary School in Soweto. Lulama, for grade 5, 6 and 7 learners, is predominantly the only place where the 286 kids receive food for the day, usually one bowl of porridge in the morning. The vegetable garden was started so that the school can grow its own veggies to feed its pupils, and potentially the entire community.


Besides the food garden, the UTE-Force team also got to work revamping the classrooms, bathrooms and brightening up the school yard with murals.


Find out more about this specific challenge here and stay tuned for news on how else Chevrolet UTE-Force is helping.


Submit your own ideas for future activations here.

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