CreativeMornings Cape Town | Richard Griffin



CreativeMornings Cape Town, the free monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types, presents Richard Griffin, the man behind Madame Zingara, as July’s speaker.


Richard grew up in the hospitality industry, which became his salvation after running away from home at an early age. He has worked in various sectors of this industry from non-profit to corporate and has a firm belief in social and staff development, allowing creativity to be the basis for successful and sustainable growth. Known as the fix-it-kid, his highly publicised life and unconventional approach has brought on many changes to traditional management and leadership styles and his creative approach to everything distinguishes his work from the pack.


Details for the talk:


Friday, 13 July 2012
8:30am – 10:00 am
Upper East Side Hotel  |  Brickfield Road  |  Woodstock  |  Cape Town  |  021 404 0570


Meet and greet at the vida e caffè in the foyer for a complimentary coffee and pastry and then the talk will be held upstairs in the Central conference room.


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Upper East Side Hotel
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USS Graphics: a large production house and print solution specialist.
WEBNOW: an internet services and online solutions provider.


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