Eggs Make Kids Smart | TJDR & Jono Hall



These bizarre TV commercials for the South African Poultry Association, made by The Jupiter Drawing Room and directed by Bouffant’s Jono Hall, promote the idea that eating eggs will make kids smart. In these cases, disturbingly clever. Two out of the three spots featuring obvious egg-eaters, were recently shortlisted in the Film Lions category at Cannes. These were ‘GPS’, above, and ‘Spanish’.




Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room
Creative Director: Darren Cronje
Producer: Chloe Saunders
Art Director: Graeme Bettles
Copywriter: Robert Selmer-Olsen


Production Company: Fringe/Bouffant
Director: Jono Hall
Producer: Boris Vossgatter
Director of Photography: Alard de Smit
Art Director: Gerhard van Zyl


Editor: James Hosking
Visual Effects: Left Post Production
Music/Sound: Produce
Post-Production Online: Left Post Production
Post-Production Offline: Left Post Production











Jono Hall


  1. Eggs make children scary as f@ck!

  2. Eggs make kids speak in really strange voices but only 2/3rds of the time.

  3. Sunnyside down

    Eggs make parents hate and fear their kids.

  4. Oh look another eggs make comment

    Eggs make for fluffy and repetitive comments

  5. How is this a Cannes Shortlist?

  6. No, why does’t it work anymore? I just wanted see that kid make that noise again, please.

  7. Looking into it, thanks Felicia.

  8. this got a cannes finalist and nandos ‘dictator’ didn’t. What the holy f*&^%

  9. scam, scam, scam!

  10. @Mike – not scam, i was at Jupiter JHB while this brief was in the system.