Standard Bank – Mythonomics



TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris and production company Picture Tree worked on this Fausto Becatti directed TV commercial for Elite Banking from Standard Bank. The ad is the first of Standard Bank’s Mythonomics campaign, features Trevor Gumbi & Alan Committie and aims to show customer’s reactions when they have to pay more than they expect.




Creative Director: Mike Groenewald
Producer: Ingrid Shellard
Art Director: Kerry Moralee
Copywriter: James Andrews

Production Company: Picture Tree
Director: Fausto Becatti
Exec. Producer: Gary King
Producer: Scott Njumbuxa
Director of Photography: David Pienaar
Art Director: Sue Steele

Editor: Daniel Mitchell
Grade: Craig Simonetti
Music/Sound: Produce
Post-Production Online: Blade
Post-Production Offline: Deepend



  1. somecopywriter

    This is the most fake thing I have ever seen. Please don’t make any more of these.

  2. Isn’t that customer the guy from the Joko ad years ago?

  3. These real-consumers must have the worst peripheral vision in South Africa – there’s a camera above your right shoulder lady! The concept’s still there though – maybe Myths get better – let’s hope.