Jack Parow & Gazelle – Hosh Tokolosh Music Video



The official music video by Louis Minnaar for Jack Parow and Gazelle’s collaboration Hosh Tokolosh.




Video by Louis Minnaar
Camera operator: Jaco Jansen – New Machine Films
Make-up/Bodypaint: Sarah Blatcher
General assistance: Christo Jansen Niemandt
Tokolosh played by MJ du Preez



  1. Dit het my by die short en curlies gevangalangalang.

  2. amazing video!

  3. why are you moving the camera like that?

  4. What an underwhelming music video. Fuck this. I’m over Jack Parow now. Retard.

  5. Really dissapointed

  6. The Tokolosh looks exactly like Howling Jimmy Jefferson from Mighty Boosh!

  7. How lame, they stole the filming style straight from the Boosh and even the character – Spirit of Jazz!!!! This is the sort of thinking that sets us back as a creative country, by stealing so badly from overseas.

  8. and he’s steeling lyrics from brassevaniekaap

  9. otherwise really well executed! slick

  10. oh come on fellas!

    At least these guys stuck to their guns and made something they believed in.
    this video is super well done. It looks the business and works perfectly for the song.

    what more can you ask for?

  11. boere maak 'n plan

    ek hou van dit.