Volkswagen TVC ‘Closer’



VW’s new commercial, ‘Closer’, is a love story that follows a woman’s journey as she drives through the night to deliver a note in person rather than emailing. The message is that while some technology connects us, the best technology brings us together. The Ogilvy Cape Town ad was directed by Bouffant’s Erik van Wyk.




Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz

Associate Creative Director: Jacques Massardo

Creative Group Head: Gareth McPherson

Producer: Iris Vinnicombe

Art Director: Jacques Massardo

Copywriter: Gareth McPherson

Production Company: Bouffant, Johannesburg

Director: Erik Van Wyk

Producer: Shannon Gloyne & Melina McDonald

Director of Photography: Willie Nel

Art Director: Andrew Chandler & Di Sole

Editor & Company: Kobus Loots, Upstairs Post Production

Visual Effects: Christian van der Walt, Sinister

Post-Production Online: Sinister

Post-Production Offline: Upstairs Post

Music Company – Pulse Music

Exec Producer – Marc Algranti

Composer -Jay Lifton



  1. Such bad acting. Can’t for a second believe her. The ad looks like a soapie spoof.

  2. You kinda want her to crash and drive off a bridge on the way. Made me feel gross, like when you see your mom and dad making out. meeeeeh

  3. OOOOOOh, I’m only getting it now. Didn’t catch that she intended to email it in the first place. I was waiting to find out what the “Surf School” thing was about since it seemed so prominent towards the end there.

  4. Amazingly awful. Vomit inducing. Turned me off Volkswagen for life.

  5. Easily the worst VW ad ever made.
    I do feel like surfing though.
    That chick is f$%king crazy man. I would be shitting myself if I was Jack. She drove half way across the country, tracked him to a beach and then read a letter to him.

  6. Such a chick ad… I wonder what happened in the story afterwards… Did she and Jack make love on the beach? Did he decide to give up his “job” to go back to the city with her? Did things get sour when they got home and he realized he couldn’t surf anymore because she wanted him to get a real job? Hmmmm….

  7. advertising is full of HATERS…..

  8. No don’t get me wrong…I think women will love this ad. If that was the brief, then it’s very successful!

  9. saw this yesterday… the end is a lil weird. but the grade is dope.

  10. You guys clearly need to learn more about advertising. New age kids. great concept team Ogilvy & Bouffant…

  11. Why didn’t she just email it to him?

  12. it’s because she has a hellkom adsl line that she decided it was better to drive across country rather than fight her terrible adsl connection. again it’s hellkoms fault, they really should have used the holding music from hellkoms help line.

  13. i’d rather watch Days of our Lives than watching this ad again. the acting is so bad, that it makes Queen Moroka of Generations look super professional for Nollywood.
    Even the ponds ads that is currently on tv kicks this ad’s a$$.
    Shem, their budget was not well spent.

  14. Bravo!!!best car ad iv ever blew my mind..well it is so breath taking and was so out of the blue m so proud of Volkswagen..keep up the good work

  15. Nina, which one of the people on the credits list is your son or daughter?

  16. poorly directed, awful casting, hammy performance, terrible voice-over.

  17. It’s cringe worthy on every level. Too terrible.

  18. Nirvana VW (Very Wicket)

    Loved the comments on her, and proud to say, loved the ad… it speaks to me, not only because I am a VW – Very Wicket woman, but because I love the open road, I would drive during the night to see my Soul Mate, and I am planing a road trip to Durbs from CT at this moment, and i spend a long time to find this advert so i could copy it. Amazing add… Well Done!!! Nirvana

  19. The idea is fine the filmic execution of the idea that is lacking.