Featured: Anthony Bila

The Soil by Anthony Bila


Digital copywriter, itswhatiminto.com contributor and keen street & street style photographer, Anthony Bila, sent us a series he shot of The Soil, a contemporary, a capella music trio. The photos were taken leading up to their tour of South African campuses from Johannesburg to Cape Town and the Vaal, and were styled by Zano Sithetho.


These are selects from the shoot as well as some of Anthony’s other images, more of which you can find at anthonybila.tumblr.com


The Soil by Anthony Bila

The Soil by Anthony Bila

The Soil by Anthony Bila




  1. Thanks for the feature 10&5!

  2. Sick sick sick!!! Epic work and the blog is even better. wow!

  3. the architechts

    Incredible work! Right up there. Impressive. Really.

  4. dopeness AB really cool isht