New Amstel TVC | Thapelo ‘Tick Tock’ Mokoena



Ad agency OwenKessel tells the story of boxer, Thapelo ‘Tick Tock’ Mokoena in this new TVC for ‘slow brewed, extra matured’ Amstel Lager.


The young and impatient Thapelo initially cuts corners in his training and finds himself KO’d in the second round of his first title fight. After much time and effort he makes a glorious comeback. The message is Amstel’s new pay-off line, ‘Take Your Time’.


The commercial was directed by Greg Gray of Velocity Films, and was shot at iconic locations around Joburg. The ad is set to the soundtrack ‘Crystalised’ by The xx, which was re-recorded and enhanced in SA.


The ad hits screens this Sunday the 22nd. Find additional content at




Agency – OwenKessel

Executive Creative Director – Donovan Bryan

Creative Director – Mike Cook

Art Director – Martin Sing

Copywriter – Mike Cook

Production Company – Velocity Films

Director – Greg Gray

Edited by Ricky Boyd – Deliverance




  1. Very nice dude! Well done

  2. Great work by OwenKessel and Velocity Films. A South African story for a South African market. Something other agencies are lacking at the moment.

  3. The ad is pretty cool, but the sound design seems a bit off… The volume on the Sotho/Tswana voice seems to fight with the English, so you can’t really hear what anyone is saying.

  4. I like very much

  5. I like the ad. The mixing does bother me a little, but the story is cool. They’ve got an extended version up on the Facebook page:

  6. Yeah, I saw this. I dig it. Cool story, and they’ve kept it authentic. Well done Amstel. The one guy is a real boxer:

  7. This ad makes me so proud to be a part of OwenKessel. Well done guys! You deserve every bit of glory that is coming your way!

  8. somecopywriter

    Beautiful work here, I admit that the song seems misplaced but other than that this is a great ad. One I wouldn’t mind watching a couple of times.

  9. Good job ripping off Guinness Swimmer.

  10. This is a good ad. Pity that the biggest racial group in South Africa doesn’t get a chance to have a beautiful advert like this in their own language. With a direct approach in terms of language to the main market, this advert would have a greater impact.

  11. Right.

    Couple of points.
    @Wireless g – Completely agree. English subtitle would have allowed it to actually focus on the local market.

    In general, not only is the song a bit misplaced, but it annoys the fuck out of me to hear it (It’s an expensive remake of an international song). For a brand that pays local musicians to get involved in live Q&A sessions on Facebook and front up for the brand (they’re currently using TKZEE), why the hell don’t they actually treat these local artists like musicians and get them to contribute towards the production with a track? Actually use local musicians for more than just paste over ‘endorse this’ tactics, so that people think we support black musicians.

    Nice production and all the rest, but another example of smoke screen advertising that actually does little of what it says visually in the ad, in real life.

    And yes, it was obviously inspired by the Guinness Swimmer ad..

  12. Sorry guy – it’s clear to see the references used, but it’s a different ad. We should start running prizes for “spot the reference”…

  13. can someone give me the full script in tswana…

  14. “My name is Pedro del Morez”