Pigeon Jazz



Jazz is back in the city. Johannesburgers were treated to an open air, freestyle jazz session recently, all played by pigeons. To promote the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival 2012, TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris and production company Hey!Fever set up a full jazz ensemble in Pigeon Square, Johannesburg. Seeds and popcorn were scattered over the instruments to attract the feathered musos. It wasn’t long before the sounds of pigeon jazz filled the air.




Art Director: Jo Morrison, Coenraad Grebe
Copywriter: Antoinette Fourie, Jared Osmond
Creative Director: Mike Groenewald
Exec. Creative Directors: Adam Livesey, Matthew Brink
Agency Producer: Lebo Mokwena


Production Co: Hey!Fever
Director: Cremer Van’Dango
Producer: Tanille Retief, Bridget Scarr
DOP: Graham Boonzaaier, Jacq Terblanche
On-Set Sound Recording: Smack Entertainment
Post Production: Hey!Fever
Editor: Cremer Van’Dango, Tanille Retief
Typographer: Coenraad Grebe
Audio Post-Production: Hey!Fever & Audio Militia
Sound Design: Cremer Van’Dango
Sound Final Mix: Audio Militia





  1. It’s a copy of a well-known piece that was done at the Barbican two years ago by CĂ©leste Boursier-Mougenot.


  2. LOVE the craziness!

  3. Art inspiring advertising 🙂 I like the local execution of it.

  4. Eish. Where is originality? At least they changed it to pigeons.

  5. If the event actually is in Jozi Town (Pigeon Square specifically), I think the link with ‘Joy of Jazz’ is far stonger. Not the first time music and birds have been combined either – https://vimeo.com/6428069

    Inspiring piece.

  6. I can like to Stumble & steal.

  7. My oh my, what have we fffound here?

  8. Maybe they where done by the same ppl

  9. The standard bank one is different because they fed them popcorn.

  10. I’m sure I’ve reddit somewhere before

  11. Steal less. Think more.

  12. Awesome. Great idea, well executed. Pretty sure the cheated the sound a little, cos it actually sounds remotely like jazz.

    But damn, it’s good.

  13. I love being in advertising. It’s so easy:D


  14. Awesome YES its been done before But the Local Feel To it is Just Brilliant ~”

  15. So, the original piece this was stolen from got 600 000 You Tube views in just four weeks. And these guys thought, ‘Hey! It works! Let’s slap a logo on it and it’ll totally go viral!’? Seriously??? Here’s the link: http://www.barbican.org.uk/film/event-detail.asp?id=9713

  16. Bravo. It must have been really tough cracking this job.
    Boil the kettle. Chose coffee over tea. Read some mails. Check the net. Find the original piece of work. Slap a logo on it.

    One person’s name should be on the credits and that’s CĂ©leste Boursier-Mougenot.

  17. Just to reiterate. It took 2 Art Directors, 2 Copywriters, 1 Creative Director and 2 Executive Creative Directors to do what one person already did.

  18. Celeste! Congratulations you just won ad of the month! I didn’t even know foreigners could enter!