Tropika Activation At Melrose Arch


We don’t really know what to think about the new Tropika activation video. It must have taken an insane amount of co-ordination to get this right, and the views on the video have certainly been ticking up. For those reasons alone it’s commendable, but it’s very clearly an idea that was taken from the TNT Dramatic Event on a Quiet Square.


Then again – is it just the ignition point that is taken from the Add Drama video? I.e. the table standing with the drink? The actual “content” of the flashmob is fairly unique and speaks well to the “Jamaican essence” that Tropika wants to communicate.


Flash mob style activations and experiential events have recently become a dime-a-dozen and every single brand is now doing it (watch this great one from Laerskool Horison…).


What do you think? Is this a good local adaptation of an idea, or simply a bad rip?




Agency. 7Dffrnt Knds of Smke
Neil Clarence. Creative Director
Ryan Gandalf van Jaarsveld. Strategic Director
Art Direction. Jonathan Corns
Copywriter. Andy Bam


Production. Spiral Productions
Josh Linberg. Director
Olga Grigorova. Producer



Between 10 and 5