Saatchi & Saatchi ‘Sneezing Sucks’

TEXA print


Avusa Media is the prize sponsor of the Newspaper Category at this year’s Loerie Awards. To celebrate and share the creativity in this category, they’re hosting the first online gallery of all the entries received for this award at


Over this week we’ll be posting our favourites. This print campaign is by Saatchi & Saatchi for the Pharma Dynamics anti-histamine Texa Allergy.




Creative Director: Gavin Whitfield
Art Director: Yvonne Hall
Art Director: Larissa Elliott
Copywriter: Melanie Horenz
Copywriter: Taryn Scher
Typographer: Studio Muti
Photographer: David Prior
Retoucher: Rob Frew
Stylist: Charlotte Collins
Art Buyer: Julie Gardiner
Snr. Account Manager: Taryn Pascal


TEXA print

TEXA print


  1. Dig it.
    Any idea who the photographer was?

  2. Eina! There goes your Loerie!

  3. some art director


    if only award shows were like the olympics, where there was a jury that could disqualify an entry that was plagiarised.

  4. Chalk and cheese when it comes to art direction – this stuff is boouutiful. And as for new ideas, polymorphic resonance. That or the product just lends itself to the thought. I’m guessing sneezing at an inappropriate time is the exact reason you don’t want to sneeze.

  5. Art director: “Yeah I found this campaign on Ads Of The World. We could do something similar, but maybe with like a South African twist…”

  6. Same idea, same ads, well done on changing the art direction and copy though. Oh, and you guys made up the changing room execution. Awesome work there.

  7. Snarky could it not be just an honest mistake? I don’t think there’s a professional out there ( i hope) that would say that to themselves. And if they did, they wouldn’t be at Saatchi. Looks like they had the same idea, an honest mistake that happens. We don’t all follow every ad that has ever been on AOTW, but it sure would help if you could search “sneezing in cupboard ad”.

  8. Oh look, it’s the usual bitch feast. I doubt if they knew about it they’d do the same executions. In fact, they wouldn’t. If you’ve been doing this job for a long time, you see this happens quite a bit – LEGO that got gold grand prix. Hmmm, I’m pretty sure they weren’t copying when that happened.

  9. Fantastically executed. Nice work people.

  10. cough happens

  11. Every half-decent ad creative in the world has accidentally made an ad that’s “been done before.” 999 out of 1000 times it’s completely coincidental/accidental. So please, everyone, stop all this bitching and moaning about copycats etc and accept that this stuff happens to the best of us.

  12. this is great! full on narrative in one still.. awesome.

  13. Guys, if they knew it was ripped off, why would they publicize it? It’s a good piece with work that challenges the category.

  14. This is really strong. Great idea. Fantastic art direction. Such a pity that there is something similar out there.

    @Snarky, you are lame.

  15. Simply put, looks great but been done.

  16. Here's the truth

    batman was redone, superman was redone, spiderman was redone, James bond is redone every two years. Japanese movies are remade for American audiences. Scorsese redid infernal affairs as ‘the departed’ and won 4 oscars with it!
    And everyone is happy with it.
    for the life of me i don’t understand what the deal is with advertising always having to be 100% original all the time. If it’s a good ad, done really well and it moves product, why does it matter if someone else did a crap version of it 5 years ago?

  17. @here’s the truth i think what you missed in your point was that each of those franchises get created and paid for the concept/story. i’m sure the client wasn’t given a discount for second hand/generation idea.

  18. I don’t understand what you’re saying, Chris Nolan’s batman begins is an origin story, just like Tim burton’s batman. Marc Webb’s Spiderman is an origin story just like sam raimi’s Spiderman. It’s not a new concept every time, it’s the same story as told by someone else.
    And it’s not done to expand on an existing world, it’s done to engage a new audience and to make money.
    And also assuming that the agency knew about the idea beforehand, giving the client a discount is like me getting a discount whenever I go and see a ‘new’ movie about the origin of batman/superman/spiderman.

  19. this entire thread has been done before.

  20. meh ,
    saying Chris Nolan’s batman is like saying mel gibsons’s jesus christ, *high fives bob kane!*
    not that it makes much difference, but you know when you see “marvel” or “DC” at the beginning of a movie? yeah that, they being credited for a concept, or at east investing in real creative. there is a difference between homage and rip! Maybe we should put, “hey guys this isn’t an original idea but look we added a twist which makes it better” at the beginning of everything we “create” and not charge a client a candy nosed “creative” rate, so “here’s the truth” of it is that this website is a showcase of south african creative work in order to inspire (not rip). By painting a mustache on the mona lisa doesn’t mean its creative/original/yours (or keyboard cat for that matter) or worth a huge salary! get off your fixie! come on we’re creative professionals and have integrity… oh wait never mind!

  21. Batman, Spiderman and Chris Nolan unfortunately have little to do with Texa or the Sneezing Sucks campaign.
    We’re closing this thread – but don’t worry we’ll be sure to give you guys some opinions pieces that you can rabble around.