Rebel Alliance: Need for Swede 01

Need for Swede


The next Rebel Alliance, ‘Need for Swede’ is in anticipation of The Home Movie Factory; Michel Gondry’s interactive, film-making exhibition coming to SA at The Bioscope in September and October.


Find more info on that over here.


Rebel Alliance’s Need for Swede will be South Africa’s first DIY blockbuster remake super-jam. And this is your call to get involved!


Step 1. Check out this ‘How to Swede’ clip and Michel Gondry’s ‘Taxi driver’ swede.


Step 2. Send your home movies to


Step 3. Rebel Alliance will present your hand-made homages to Hollywood hits over 3 monthly events in August, September and October.


Head over to the Facebook event page for more info and rules & guidelines.


The poster below, featuring Johnny 5 from the 80s movie Short Circuit, is the first in a series to be illustrated by Ben Rausch for the events.


Need for Swede




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