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Sarah Raal

Sarah Raal


Fort Rixon, also known as Kunyalala Ndlovu or just Kone, is an illustrator from Zimbabwe who has been living in London and now resides in Cape Town. He recently decided to leave London for Cape Town after spending some time here in 2010 doing an internship at Am I Collective.


He can do a better job of introducing himself though so here are his own words, “My name is Fort Rixon, and my life is a conundrum. When I was 16 I moved to far away lands. Someone gave me a falcon feather, and made me promise that wherever I went I would tell my story, and that I would tell the truth. The work that I create is that promise coming true.


I was born free in Southern Zimbabwe in the 80’s, and my work deals with the strange world I found myself growing up in. The bush raped soldiers, the suicidal teachers, the old war veterans and the list continues.


I am obsessed with the little known elements of Southern African History; all the hidden heroes and the invisible villains. I see my work as a world service and a type of historical catalogue of this place.


When I make work I want people to be able to place themselves in the context of what they see, and understand how their part fits in. I hide diamonds in all my work as those stupid stones have had such an incredible impact on the people and the land of this continent. All my colours are influenced by my travels and surroundings, and I try to communicate this clearly within my imagery. In both my personal and commercial work I hide all these elements in the work where I can.”


The piece above belongs to a project he is currently working on called, “Looking for a Hero”. It’s an ongoing catalogue of illustrations of history’s little known but incredible Southern African heroes. The first, “Hammer in my Throat”, features Sarah Raal, a young lady who fought in the Anglo Boer War, and was made to celebrate Women’s Day yesterday.


Keep up with the series and find more illustration by Fort Rixon at


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