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Tuffy 387x510.indd

Tuffy ‘Nosey Neighbours’ by Saatchi & Saatchi

Tuffy 387x510.indd


When was the last time you saw a long copy print campaign? This one, ‘Nosey Neighbours’, is by Saatchi & Saatchi for Tuffy’s extra strong refuse bags.


The campaign is one of our picks from Avusa Media’s online gallery of all the entries received for the Newspaper Category at this year’s Loerie Awards. See our previous selects here, here, here, here and here.




Creative Director: Gavin Whitfield
Copywriter: Gavin Whitifeld, Melanie Horenz, Taryn Scher
Art Director: Yvonne Hall, Natalie Vella
Typographer: Sarita Immelman
Photographer: Ross Garrett


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Copy for the ad above:


This neighbourhood’s gone to hell.

At least that’s the assertion of this lady, Ms. Adele Roberts.

She believes that a young lady living in her apartment block is worshipping the devil.

In fact, Adele would bet her pension cheque on it.

What else, she asks, could explain the half used candle and the chicken bones she accidentally found in amongst her young neighbour’s rubbish?

Romantic dinner? Family celebration? Birthday party? All are completely implausible, according to Adele.

No, she concludes; the raven-haired girl in 2b is definitely in league with Lucifer.

Tonight she’ll pray for her soul.

Tomorrow she’s calling the police.

Beware The Mind Of The Nosey Neighbour. Use Extra Strong Refuse Bags From TUFFY.







Street Football Is Postponed.


At least that’s what Jan’s Pa told him.

He says it’s because the woman living across the street is a ‘working girl’.

She’s bringing this neighbourhood to its knees, he says.

Pa knows this because this morning he watched a stray rip her bin bags to pieces.

And, there it was; a used stick of Passion Fruit flavoured lip-gloss, lying in amongst that pro’s rubbish.

He says there’s no other explanation for it; he’s caught her red handed.

Pa says if he so much as suspects she’s on the job, he’ll take matters into his own hands.

Beware The Mind Of The Nosey Neighbour. Use Extra Strong Refuse Bags From TUFFY.





We may as well move to Bogota.

That’s what this man, Barry Stander, thinks. As always, his wife agrees.

You see, this morning while washing his car – his wife was holding the hose – Barry stepped backwards into his neighbour’s bin bags.

Out spilled an empty bank bag and a broken beer bottle. According to Barry, telltale signs of drug taking.

Others might deduce that Barry’s neighbour simply works at a bank and likes to end his day with a cold one.

But, Barry says he wasn’t born yesterday.

And, he’s not about to let dope ruin this neighbourhood.

Not on his watch.

Beware The Mind Of The Nosey Neighbour. Use Extra Strong Refuse Bags From Tuffy.


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