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It’s crazy to think that Twitter was launched only 6 years ago, and Facebook just 2 years earlier than that. With jobs like social media management not even existing a few years ago, we’re all still learning. Some faster than others of course, remember this shocker last year?


GetSmarter works together with universities & industry experts to present online courses throughout South Africa. This, their latest offering, is here to help with an 8 week social media course that results in an official Certificate in Social Media from the University of Cape Town. And fitting for a course in social media, everything takes place online.


Here’s what you need to know:


Like TV, Radio and Print; Social Media is just another communication platform (no it’s not the beast we think it is). However, its ever-changing functionality, features and consumer behavior makes it a little harder to maximize its benefits than its offline counterparts. Studying social media allows you to understand the foundations from a business perspective so you’re equipped to adapt to its ever-changing environment.


Boutique Social Media Agency Chilli Marketing are convening an 8 week online Social Media course which is run by GetSmarter in conjunction with UCT. This course will empower marketers, owners of small, medium and large businesses, PR professionals, entrepreneurs, community managers, social media managers and business professionals with strategic tools to implement social media into their marketing mix effectively.


The course is not a “how-to” set up social media such as creating a Twitter Account but rather answers “why and when” to use Social media for community management and engagement. For example, how to adopt Twitter for relationship marketing and PR. This course serves to analyze your business plan or your brand’s social media marketing strategy and to select which networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+ will best suit your overall objectives.


The course modules are:


An overview of social media
Facebook marketing and community management
Twitter for business
LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest
Multimedia and Social Bookmarking
Online Reputation Management (ORM), consumer insights and measurement
Social media strategy and marketing integration


Click through for more info. This Friday the 17th is the last day to register.


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