SuperSport ‘Transformers’ TVC


Orijin put together a team of world class animators to create this 60 second “Transformers” SuperSport brand ad. The TVC showcases 9 major sports, took 3 months to make and was launched to coincide with the start of the Olympic Games. Post-production and VFX company Ensemble were briefed to depict the sports arenas as Colosseums that had to transform from one to another.




Production: Orijin
Post Production & VFX: Ensemble


Director: Nic Yiallouris
Executive Producers: Rudy Sennett, Leon Schoeman
Creative Director: Eddie Van Rensburg
VFX Supervisor: Nic “Ring Master” Yiallouris


VFX Artists:
Heiko “TED Talks” von Fintel
Peter “Underground” Herbert
Theuns “Atomic” van Rensburg
Grant “Dupstep” Aerts
Adrian “Low Rider” Berghoff
Daniel “Nomadic” Luz
Eaton “Logo Lover” Crous
Kayleigh “Quick Sticks” Swart
Dimitri “All Night” Zachos
Grant “Wide Lens” Legassic
Wilfred “Long Lens” de la Querra


Sound Design: Gareth Wharton
Music: Justin – Counterstrike


Editor: Kim Pinto
DOP: Johan Horjus
Producer: Mandy Deacon








  1. pretty dope. diggin the tennis/goal section.

  2. super effing awesome!

  3. Carlos the Hamster

    I heart this.

  4. straight up awesome

  5. I can commend the really amazing technical ability of this spot. However it also serves as a great example of why most SA Animation and VFX based commercials fail measure up to international standards of high end creativity. In brief this is because the craft is so self aware that this is all that we see. No effort is made to hide the VFX and animation techniques or integrate it into some form of ‘reality’. For these reasons the commercial fails to engage us on an emotional level. Sport is all about Emotion. The prime guilty parties in this area are the commercials for just about every Tyre Brand.

  6. ▲ Dude please please be so kind as to post a link to some of your work? Didn’t think so..
    Sure you can hide behind the art school rationale of honest criticism and all that bull, but to be frank your feedback is totally subjective. For as many that don’t feel the piece, there are as many that watched in awe as a stadium came to life.
    Most important is that you have taken a dig at a community who put their work before friends, family and even loved ones, and then have the courage to post if for critique. In this light your comment is absolutely trivial. The work prevails and your true agenda is exposed.

  7. bboi…

    This has been my first ever post. Having worked in the industry for many years I am very qualified to make what i subjectively try to objectively communicate. I have made this initial comment firstly because i feel that our industry lacks constructive criticism (or engages in unemotional honest dialogue), and secondly because i feel the Supersport TVC is commendable on many levels and thus worth the energy and focus. I am very impressed with the technical craft of this spot.

    I notice in your reply that you never responded to any of the points that i made, rather you questioned my approach. Fair enough, in light of your comments i’ll attempt a more constructive and objective approach to any further criticism i offer.

    What could have made this a better spot do you think?

  8. I have responded to your opinion. In that you claim to have not connected with the piece ’emotionally’ (perhaps we should be more specific) – I feel that it does carry a certain emotion and that this simply failed to trigger any type of response from you for whatever reason. I think your objective summary is therefore inaccurate and, perhaps driven by my sensitivity to endeavors of the arcane, loaded. I now trust that I am wrong.

    I appreciate the role of feedback and critique in cultural endeavor and applaud you giving your rationale. Most simply quip a ‘this sucks’ or something equally devoid of intellect.

    But IMHO I do feel your opinion overlooks it’s own subjective pretext and is therefore at best irrelevant and at worst therefore, potentially upsetting.

    Most importantly though – I apologise if my initial response seemed like a personal attack. I respect your measured response and the conversation. So please do not take offense to my offense. That’s how troll wars start.

    Lastly – I have nothing to add regards the piece in question. Simply knowing the back breaking work involved; it seems far too crude to rub my two cents together and slaver over the fine points whilst alternatively checking my twitter over a #beer at the power and the glory. I suppose I am just a coward. Too aware of my own projections to take up a little soapbox and call fowl all of the nicks and scratches I see in the creative endeavors of others. But.. that’s a whole new chain store to open in this strip mall called life.

  9. Thanks for the comments and input everyone. I can assume that we’ll get back to appreciation/constructive criticism of the work.
    Let’s not wake the trolls now, shall we?

  10. Incredible commercial- awesome work. Well done to Nic and his team.