Nicework’s 2012 Showreel


Three years in the making, this is design and communications company Nicework’s updated showreel for 2012. The compilation of work features their latest and greatest from branding to print, to animation, to websites and presentations.




Animation: Ross Drakes, Gordon Bakkes, Rowan Toselli, Megan Judge, Creon Eftychis, Waldo Buchner, Henk Coetzee
Design: Ross Drakes, Donovan Pugh, Arline Stoffberg, Gordon Bakkes, Rowan Toselli
Illustrations: Shaun Botes, Christian Mugnai, Theory One
Audio: Injozi Audio Boutique



  1. interesting idea think it could have been compressed down to 2 minutes, it drags out a little

  2. Hello Warren

    It was a growing beast. we made a 2min cut down for that exact reason…