/A Space In Between at /A WORD OF ART



/A WORD OF ART is back at the entirely revamped Woodstock Industrial Centre, now known as the Woodstock Exchange. This Thursday they present two exhibitions, group show /A SPACE IN BETWEEN and UNION a solo show by French artist in residency LX.ONE.


You’re invited to join /A WORD OF ART for the double opening, some drinks and music by Remy Gold.


About the shows:


/A SPACE IN BETWEEN is a group exhibition of mid-career painters whose explorations of the figure span a wide range of techniques, mediums and aesthetics, blurring the line between fine art, street art and urban art.


These five artists are from very different backgrounds and are all pushing the boundaries of their chosen craft to express a strong voice and vision through their work. Each one at the middle of his career, these artists remain passionate about the journey as well as the end result.


The artists are:


Christiaan Conradie (SA)
Dathini Mzayiya (SA)
Elicser Elliott (CDN)
Franco ‘Jaz’ Fasoli (AR)
Gaia (USA)
Trot Lovegates aka ‘Other’ (CAN)
Ever (AR)





LX.ONE’s two week residency with /A WORD OF ART consisted of him applying this theory through his interpretation of the people, architecture, natural environment and visual stimulation he experienced during his stay. The Union installation is a geometrical abstraction of this theory and includes pattern paintings, collages and frames made of locally brought elements and incorporates the colors of the South African & French flags.




Date: Thursday August 30th
Time: 7 – 11pm
Place: 66 Albert Road, Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town
The shows runs from 30 August until October 6


Find more info on the artists and exhibition at www.a-word-of-art.co.za/calendar/

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Some snaps of what you can expect on Thursday:



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