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Bauke Brouwer’s “Just 60 Seconds” film series


Filmmaker Bauke Brouwer has started a series of short films, Just 60 Seconds, where he introduces us to small, local businesses and the passionate people behind them, all in just 1 minute.


We’ve featured Yogi’s Barber Shop and Woodstock Cycleworks (here and here) before. When we found out he has also visited Cape Town businesses The Kitchen and The Creamery, we wanted to find out more about why he started this project and what his fascination is with the 60 second film.


Bauke says, “There were a couple of reasons I created these films but it’s mostly because I’m passionate about telling stories. Last year I did an epic short film, The Fallen, but I can’t afford to do projects like this all the time. Ultimately that is my goal, to direct feature films, but I enjoy the art of interviewing and getting to know people through the medium in which I work, which is filmmaking.  Just 60 Seconds is something I am really passionate about and is a great way of showing what I’m capable of.”


These shorts are not only for Bauke to showcase his work but to provide small business owners with a tool to showcase their brand as well. They’re an opportunity for small businesses to get their story out there.


Bauke let us know why these work so well as 60 second clips, “One of the main reasons for keeping these films 60 seconds is that most South Africans don’t have the luxury of fast internet. Personally if a Vimeo or Youtube film is longer than 2 minutes I struggle to download it. Attention span is another factor, not everyone wants to watch a 5 min film about a bicycle shop. It is also amazing how much you can actually portray in 60 seconds. Karen, from The Kitchen, talked about Woodstock, about food being something that unites a community, food as an experience and her trademark Love Sandwich all in 60 seconds. As a viewer that is all you need to think, “I want to go there for lunch!””


The reaction to these pieces has been great. Bauke says, “My aim with these films is to be honest, not to try too hard.”


See them all together here or invite him around to yours!



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