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excuse generator

The OXY Excuse Generator by TJDR

excuse generator


The OXY Excuse Generator is part of a new campaign for the skincare brand by The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) which aims to appeal to teenage boys and show them there’s a solution at hand when a dreaded pimple strikes.


They said, “To teenage boys, a pimple is a social tragedy and A DISASTER. When they have bad skin, they would rather skip the party, not talk to a girl, and avoid being in photos rather than be publicly humiliated. The solution to getting out of these situations? To make excuses.”


TJDR built the set which makes up the background of the website, raiding boys’ rooms for the props, and Imabli Studios handled the web development. The site creates customized, funny, but unconvincing, excuses for any social occasion, proving that relying on Oxy and not having to make an excuse is the best bet.


Included in the campaign is this ad which was played to teenage audiences in cinemas nationwide.


Try the excuse generator out at




Creative Directors: Jennifer Macfarlane and Jakkie Brink
Art Director: Steven Tyler
Copywriter: Gerhard Pretorius and Giran Adams


Screen shot

Screen shot

Screen shot


Between 10 and 5