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Creative Sweatshop by Bruce Mackay

Bruce Mackay


Bruce Mackay is the latest South African illustrator, following on from Elise Wessels, to be featured in the weekly Dutch advertising journal, Adformatie.


Adformatie hosts a dedicated section called Podium, curated by Amsterdam ad agency Dolly Rogers, which offers a platform for contributors to create a visual statement, reflection or message directed to the industry. The brief is open and the artist can choose their own theme or message.


The message behind Bruce’s piece is, “If you take a look around, it is amazing the amount of advertising that is out there. It seems many advertising agencies have become advertising factories. Churning out ad after ad at an incredible speed. But that is not to say they’re all effective or creative. Is your agency producing quality or quantity?”


Find more from Bruce on Behance or Zulus Can Draw and browse previous Adformatie Podium artworks here.


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