Air Off 2012



Air Off, an annual jetski assisted surf and bodyboard competition presented by local surf/skate/youth culture brand, Wolfalley, is back this weekend with a few extras. This year’s Air Off also includes an Art and Photography competition.


The Air Off 2012 Art Competition


The Air Off art competition is a creative initiative by Wolfalley to expose new talent and showcase existing skills of established artists through an unconventional competition. The yearly community live beach art will be in place at the event but this year selected artists will be required to create a painting piece using an old surf, skate or wakeboard provided by them or a selected one provided at the Air Off surf competition day through community donations.


An exhibition will be held after the Air Off competition on the 26th of September to exhibit the final pieces where the judges will decide on a winner.


The Air Off 2012 Photography Competition


The photography competition is open to all to enter and is aimed at creating a space for young photographers to enter the world of extreme sports photography and gain exposure for their efforts online and live at an exhibition in Cape Town city centre.


Photographers must submit one of their best photos of the day. The photos will then be uploaded to Facebook where the community will vote for their favourites.


Find more info about Air Off 2012 here or here.


Poster by Thomas Pepler.


Between 10 and 5