Tivvit.com – Tokoloshe Teaser & Launch Campaign



This piece of ‘news footage’ had people well confused last week Monday when it was sent to Wat Kyk Jy and Life is Savage with no extra info. This week revealed that it was in fact a teaser for the launch campaign by Halo for Tivvit.com, ‘SA’s Property Oracle’.


This is how they did it:


“To create maximum believability and buy-in of the original teaser video, the agency created a news story. They filmed cell phone footage, a news report, and the news reader in studio, screened that material on a TV and filmed the ‘broadcast’ off another cellphone, including PVR watermarks. These finer details were included to ensure no one questioned the legitimacy of the news story and focused on the Tokoloshe instead.┬áJust shy of 60,000 organic views later and 117 likes, public interest had been created.”


Yesterday Tivvit.com launched officially with this series of online ads. Halo says the ad campaign is intended to be fun. Based on scenarios of why people would want to move, they have aimed to create a positioning that they can now own. There are endless funny/ridiculous reasons why someone would need to move house and these are just the first of many ads depicting some of them. The message is simple, “when you really need to find a new place, visit Tivvit.com ”






Agency: Halo
Production company: Team Best
Seeding: Retroviral











  1. Hahaha! “Paul’s Python’s” classic!

  2. Funny stuff

  3. Dig the midget bunny python. Funny!!

  4. Are you in the property business of selling houses? If so please let me know.