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Hyundai i20 TVCs feat Francois Van Coke & Toya Delazy



This new TV campaign by The Jupiter Drawing Room CT for the facelift of the Hyundai i20 features local musicians Francois Van Coke and Toya Delazy.


About the ad:


The i20 has undergone a number of design revisions and the strategic positioning is that it’s the first new car someone buys for himself or herself, with no financial assistance. The communications for the car had to blend ambition and ladder-climbing with a sense of fun and youth. People who drive this car no longer want an ancient clunker that spews smoke and pigeonholes them as a student or someone working in an entry-level job.


The agency explored routes based in science, design, art, and especially music. Hyundai, and the i20 in particular, are heavily aligned with various music events, including the MK awards. The i20’s sound system, which supports pretty much every form of input, combined with its newly integrated Bluetooth music streaming, felt like a natural direction to follow for the campaign.


The ads, which took 40 crew members 5 days to shoot, make use of the science of Cymatics, or the study of visual representations of sound.




Creative Director: Jonathan Beggs
Agency Producers: Isabella de Villiers & Colleen Christians
Copywriter: Jonathan Warncke
Art Director: Hayley De Vantier
Account Management: Katie Dally and Thami Mazana
Director: Louis Minnaar
Production Company: What We Want
Producer: Vanessa LaTrobe and Michelle Kruger




Take a look at the Behind the Scenes:




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