BirdLife Print Ads by TJDR



These posters were made by The Jupiter Drawing Room to be displayed at the “Oceans of Life” photographic exhibition at the Iziko South African Museum in support of BirdLife’s annual Save Our Seabirds Festival.




Copywriters: Jonathan Pepler, Gerhard Pretorius
Designer: Steven Tyler


The copy on the first reads, “Will the net profit justify the gross loss? As the current rate, unsustainable fishing practices will deplete the world’s fish stocks by 2048, leaving 3.5 billion people without their primary source of nutrition. If nothing is done to change this trend, marine life will not suffer alone. Save our Oceans. Save our Seabirds.”




Copy, “It’s hard to imagine. Even harder to swallow. 95% of all seabird species are known to eat plastic litter. By mistaking it for food, they either eat it themselves or feed it to their young. Floating in oceans, plastic chokes, starves, drowns and poisons more than one million seabirds every year. Save our Oceans. Save our Seabirds.




Copy, “The price of oil is rising. Oil sustains civilization, but because of negligent spills, directly harms the biodiversity of our oceans. Blinded, drowned and poisoned, every year millions of seabirds and other marine animals are left helpless against the horrific effects of oil. Save our Oceans. Save our Seabirds.


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