‘Honey Spiders’ Music Video by Lung Animation


Lung Animation spent 3 months producing this new music video for The Parlotones’ track ‘Honey Spiders’. The piece sees the animated lead singer on a bicycle ride through Cape Town on a journey to free his pet bumble bee.






Director: Claudio Pavan

Production: Lung Animation

Animation: Arri Reschke, Claudio Pavan

Compositing: Claudio Pavan

Character Design: Arri Reschke, Darren Macpherson, Claudio Pavan

Film Production: Heart Studio

Dop: Tyrone Mackay

Dit: Jason Mackay

Producer: Annelie Mare

Blackginger Studios

Grade: Jan Van Diermen

Production: Tracy-lee Portoni

Animation: Andre de Villers

Special Thanks: Marc Bloch, Hilton Treves

Matte Painting: Ed Babb

Sound FX: Christian Rossouw

StoryBoard: Graeme Cowie

Thanks: Guy Van Der Walt



Cape Town


  1. Really cool animation, it’s a pity about the Parlatones song though.

  2. Carlos the Hamster

    The Parlatones blatantly copies REM, Radiohead, James and The Smiths… I love all those bands, yet I can’t stand these a-holes. Funny isn’t it…

  3. awesome job!!! i think the song’s pretty cool!! haha. each to his own.

  4. Dominique Devery

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