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The Eagle Awards 2012


It’s Eagle Awards time again. This year they’re having some fun with the ad industry, and asking you to get involved too. The Eagle Awards was started by Independent Newspapers in 1996 to promote and develop exceptional print advertising in South Africa. Only the very, very best win and the coveted Black Eagle has only been awarded 8 times in 16 years.


Here’s some copy from this year’s campaign posters by KingJames:


There was a time back in the good old days of advertising, when you could win an award for any old ad.


We were a lot softer then. All you had to do was show a dead dog, or a starving child and you could clear a space on your mantelpiece. It’s not so easy these days, you have to be sharper, smarter and craftier if you want to win awards. Especially if you want to win Eagle Awards.


The Eagle Awards are South Africa’s premier print advertising awards. That’s because there are only two über judges who come from different countries and different agencies, and their work’s not entered, so they have no hidden agenda. The only thing they’ll award is truly great print advertising.


You’re invited to join in the spoofing with your own versions of the campaign posters. By doing so you could win tickets to the Eagles Breakfast Seminar in either Joburg or Cape Town, and the Eagle Awards Ceremony. All the entries are displayed on the Eagle Awards website. Here are our favourites so far:



Got something good? Create a poster or view the gallery here.


This year the Eagle Awards are also hosting a travelling exhibition of the best design, illustration and photography in SA. Submissions are open, here’s what you need to know:


Every year The Eagle Awards celebrates the very best print advertising to come out of this country. This year we’re extending the awards to include an exhibition of the best local photographers, illustrators, typographers and artists.


We invite you to submit three pieces of work you feel showcase your talent. We’ll select sixteen individuals to exhibit their pieces at a travelling exhibition we will be holding at The Eagles Breakfast Seminar in Joburg, The Eagles Breakfast Seminar in Cape Town and the Awards Ceremony, which will be held in Cape Town on 2 November.


On the night of the awards we’ll also be handing out two People’s Choice Eagle Awards to the photographer and artist/illustrator/typographer whose work receives the most votes from the creative contingent of the South African ad industry.


This exhibition is part of Independent Newspaper’s endeavour to celebrate and inspire great print work, and if it gives you the opportunity to get your work in front of the creative decision makers at every top ad agency in the country, even better.


Send your work to







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