Rocket Man by Anton du Preez



Rocket Man is a short film by Anton du Preez that just won the Daazo Impossible Cannes film competition. It follows the story of Michael, an ex-human cannonball whose wife has sadly passed away and whose daughter has booked him into a nursing home. He spends his last day of freedom preparing for his final show as Rocket Man. The entire piece is embedded above for you to watch.


Anton comes from a background in graphic design and has recently completed his Masters in Directing at the New York Film Academy. He has made many self-motivated films.


See more of his film work, and some really great photography, at or




Director – Anton du Preez

Producer – Alexis Burg

DOP – Kyle Morland/Alex Khud

Camera Operator – Alex Khud

Camera Assistant – Mavric de Beyer

Editor – Luke Apteker

Art Director – Danny Bensimon / Jade Klara

Costume design – Richard de Jager

Colourist – Kyle Stroebel

Assistant director – Werner du Plessis

Original Score – Danny Bensimon/Saunder Jurriaans

Animation – Anton Katkov

Grip – Jared Ginsburg

Sound – Brenk Vercuiel



Rocket Man Rocket Man

Rocket Man

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