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Presents in the Post

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Presents in the Post is an all-local surprise present service and online shop that launched last week. You sign up to the beautifully designed website, pay R250 and choose a style that suits you (or a friend) from a selection of mood-board pics. The monthly maker, which will be a different local designer or artist each time, will use your choice as inspiration for a custom present for you (or a friend) that arrives in the post. We think the idea is fantastic and chatted to founder Pammi-Joy Oppenheimer to find out more.


Who is the team behind Presents in the Post?


Raj is the present protector and delivery maker. Most of the time he is in his tree house near Pimuk or travelling oceans in an inherited canoe. In his absence, Presents in the Post is run by myself (Pammi – Joy Oppenheimer).


Where did the idea for a surprise present service come from?


Presents in the Post came about with the intention of creating a platform for local designers and artists, a chance to dazzle customers with gifts in the post and a creative way to introduce the makers’ very own online shop. I also think it is fantastic to be able to spoil yourself and friends with beautifully wrapped surprises.


How does it work?


– Sign up.
– Pay R250 for one surprise present made by a local designer or artist.
– Tell us if the present is for a boy or a girl.
– Customise your present by clicking on your favorite picture.
– Decide if the present is for you or a friend. If it’s for a friend, write them a letter.
– Wait for your present in the post.
– Once Raj has delivered all the presents, check out the shop for more designs by the monthly maker.


Presents in the Post


What kind of presents will be arriving in the post?


Makers of things to hang on the wall,

Makers of things to wear on your feet,

Makers of things for DIY day,

Makers of things to take on a trip,

Makers of things to wear when it’s cold,

Makers of things that grow in the garden,

Makers of things to keep up your pants,

Makers of things to write notes on and wrap things in.

Makers of things to give to a friend.


Can you give us any hints about who the monthly makers will be?


This month the girl present is designed by a gutsy and courageous woman. Her work is eclectic and exotic. The boy present is designed by a team of spectacular males whose talents range from furniture to luxe leather goods.


Presents in the Post


Who, in your opinion, are the South African designers and artists to keep an eye on?


Well without giving too much away my watch list includes:


Katherine Jollye from Josephine Road and Michael Chandler for ceramics.
Mariet Vosloo for her embroidered brooches.
Milame, A bird named Frank, Skermunkil, Dear Rae and Pichulik for jewellery.
Knolc, Kirsten Sims, Artymiss, Studio Muti and Happiness Is for stationery and illustration.
Redoker, Wolf & Maiden and Ilundi Designs for leather goods.
Loin Cloth & Ashes for divinely printed garments.
Babatunde for umbrellas & bowties.
Chapel and Missibaba for lustworthy bags.
Pedro’s Bitchen Eyewear & Retro Specs for vintage shades.
Honest Chocolate for their chocolates and illustrated wrapping.


Can you tell us about Raj?


Raj is the present protector and delivery maker. Listen to his story.


Who designed the website?


The website was developed by myself and a team of two friends. The incredibly talented, mastermind programmer Baruch Lubinksy and layout, font & copy-writing queen, Stephanie Ana. A design eye Presents in the Post couldn’t have done without.


All the illustrations are by Julia Anastasopoulos at Knolc. Her characters have brought the world of Presents in the Post to life, in a way that can only be described as spectacular.


Presents in the Post


Is there anything more you want people to know about Presents in the Post?


If you’re not feeling wild enough to order a surprise present, check back at Posted Presents to get a sense of what to expect or peruse the online shop for more things made by the monthly makers.


I also hope that subscribers will be charmed by the nostalgia of traditional post.





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