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Freddy Marmite

Marmite ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ Campaign

Freddy Marmite


Marmite, the original dark spread, is going full Halloween for their Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark campaign this October. The integrated tactical campaign by Machine encourages people to be brave and “try the original dark stuff, because there really isn’t anything to be afraid of.”


The campaign includes two graffiti walls in Johannesburg – at the corner of Empire Road and Jan Smuts Ave and on Louis Botha -, special edition Halloween Marmite jars, an illustrated poster campaign featuring well-known horror characters and their versions of  a good Marmite sarmie, and matching, handcrafted and painted figurines moulded around the shape of a Marmite jar. These unique pieces will be auctioned off for charity.


Another element to the campaign is 13 Dark Tales, a book of thirteen short South African ghost stories complete with illustrations. Excerpts and illustrations from each tale have been shared via the Marmite Facebook page in order for fans to ‘Guess The SA Ghost Story’ to win prizes.


Take a look at all the elements below and visit, their Facebook or Twitter profiles to get into the Halloween spirit.


Pennywise Marmite

Pinhead Marmite


Handcrafted figurines on auction for charity:


Freddy Jar

Pinhead Jar

Pennywise Jar


Marmite Halloween Street Art:


Marmite murals

Marmite street art

Marmite murals

Marmite murals

Marmite murals




Stop-frame mural animation credits:


Creative Director: Jake Bester / Gareth McPherson
Design Director: Dani Loureiro
Original artwork: Andrew Ringrose
Mural: Nick Herbert
Animation: Natalie Perel / Nick Herbert
Editor: Natalie Perel
Sound design: Say Thank You


13 Dark Tales:


13 Dark Tales

13 Dark Tales

Melancholy Hotel

Melancholy Hotel

Halloween jars:


Press pack USBs:


Between 10 and 5